Thursday, March 6, 2008

I've Achieved a New Level of Motherhood!

Yep. I received the call today. You know the one, you've probably made it yourself at least once. I know I have..."Mom, how do you make (insert your child's favorite dish here)? I was so proud (sniff). Scared some of you who know our situation, huh? I did say Motherhood, not *Grandmotherhood*!! LOL
Though the fact that she is seventeen and shouldn't be living in a strange place with a strange guy bugs me, but what can you do when you've done all you could? And let's not go there, I tend to rant....
So, the recipe she wanted? Hamburger Pie. That's what we call it, anyway. Hamburger meat browned, a little tomato sauce, salt, pepper, a shake or three of Italian seasoning, layered with corn and mashed potatoes on the top....don't forget the cheese, that's the best part!!

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