Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Have a Confession to Make

But first, can I tell you how sweet my Dear Hubby is? I got home today and he had gone to housing and gotten the florescent bulbs to fix the bathroom light, he had swept the porch and entryway, emptied the ice trays, and did all the laundry. Wow. Nice. Oh, and did I mention he's probably going to have to have back surgery? Yeah, makes it even better. Here's a pict of Dear Hubby and Big Dog...
So, DH has a degree in theatre. At our last duty station, he was helping our church with their annual Passion Play. He had found this new cool latex stuff that he wanted to try out before the big night, so he invited "Jesus" over so he could make some prosthetics to put on his back to make the beating look real (which they did....really good). So, Jesus was running a little late and showed up after our Dirty Little Secret had started. We had to explain before he came in the house that we had a Dirty Little Secret and he had to promise not to tell! :)
Yes, we know it's fake and stupid and infuriating. But like any other soap opera, it's addicting.

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