Monday, May 12, 2008

The Black Hills

Last week we took a little jaunt to the Black Hills of South Dakota for a little break before Hubby had back surgery. I'm glad we did, as he's scheduled for surgery next week!

We stayed in a cabin, and this is the view from the door when we got there Thursday evening.

We were excited upon hearing the Winter Storm Warning had been cancelled until we realized....

They changed it to a blizzard warning.

This is the same view from our cabin door the next morning.

Luckily my daughter and her boyfriend made it before the roads got too bad.

The snow kept up most of the day Friday, so we didn't make it to the Badlands like we had originally intended.

So, we played "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" to find out most of us weren't!

Here's me and Greatness in the snow later that day. We got to see lots of cool things like Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse, which I didn't put pictures of here....huh. Well, check my Flickr stream.

We also saw lots of buffalo, pronghorn antelope, white tailed deer, mountain goats, birds, and prairie dogs. This pict was taken Sunday morning on out Jeep tour. No more snow!

Greatness and her boyfriend had to leave a bit early which was sad, but he got a great job and needed to be there for training. He's so responsible! And polite, and kind, and respectful, and responsible. Yeah, I said that.

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