Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Random Things

Whoo-hooo!! OK, I am much more pleased with this one. No, it's not perfect but it's better than the other ones. I went by the quilt store and got a couple of pointers from the pro, so I came home and tried again. Usually when you make a quilt you name it something. I'm thinking of calling my Deaf Jane "Blood, Sweat, and Years," cuz that's how long it's gonna take me!! LOL You guys have any suggestions?? I'm open!

Dear Hubby had his follow up appointment today and all is looking good. They took the staples out, I think I must have been turning blue because I was holding my breath for him, but he said it wasn't bad at all! They have this cool tool that pushes down in the middle while pulling the sides up. So, he's good and won't have another appointment for about 5 weeks.

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Mrs. Hatten said...

I love to sew, but I haven't quilted. I am notorious for getting impatient with all of the prep work that is required with sewing--cutting out the pattern, attaching it to the fabric, cutting the fabric--this takes longer than actually sewing the pieces together! Anyway, what you have so far looks wonderful. Keep us posted on your progress!