Saturday, May 10, 2008


One of my favorite small pleasures is crayons. They make me
happy. I needed to feel a little happiness yesterday.

What I like to do when they are all still nice and sharp is to dump them all out and 'organize' them. It's just what I do.

Of course, there's always the dilemmas. Do you do them rainbow fashion? If so, where do black, white, and the browns go? I'm sure there is an artist out there that can tell me how I'm 'supposed' to be doing this.

I like to start with black, then move to gray, white,
then to the browns.

This was a box of ninety-six! So I also ran into the problem of does Brick Red come before or after Maroon? What about Periwinkle? Is it purple or blue?

They have cool names now for some of them. Remember a few years ago when Crayola had the new crayon naming contest. So now we have Macaroni and Cheese and Purple Mountain's Majesty.

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kapgar said...

Ordering of Crayons was never a big deal to me. What irked me was when I used a Crayon so much that it shrunk down to a size that was too small to peek up over the lip of the interior box and you couldn't find it.

I need a box of Crayons, now.