Thursday, May 29, 2008


I was thinking last night when I couldn't go to sleep...this is what happens in the summer, see. I sleep in and then stay up too late, but tomorrow I start summer school so all the sleeping is at an end!
Anyway, I was thinking about different things people said the different places we've lived. When we lived in New Orleans, instead of saying something like "I'll be there *at* 4:00," They said "I'll be there *for* 4:00." Kind of makes sense when you think about it....I never caught on to that one.
Then when we lived in Georgia, they said "Two dollars and ten cent," instead of "Two dollars and ten centS." That one drove me crazy...they also said wooter for water, but ok.
So, here in Oklahoma it is "You're OK." Like when you bump into someone or didn't realize you were in their way and you say "Excuse me." Instead of "That's OK," or "No problem," they say "You're OK." I kinda like that one and I've picked it up.


Mrs. Hatten said...

Oh Michelle! What about "I'm fixin' to go to..." That one drives me batty! I still haven't pick that one up or "Cut off the light." I have visions of scissors and electrical wires--YIKES! Funny!

Anonymous said...

I lived in Georgia for 6 years and never noticed the "cent" or "wooter." Hahhaha!