Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April is Earth Month

This is a big banner that is strung across the street here on base. No worries, I was stopped at a stop sign when I took the picture.
And yet, this is what is happening all over the base. I'm no horticulturalist (which sounds like a fun job sometimes) so I may not be understanding exactly *why* we are cutting down seemingly thriving trees. AND....the above photo is what my backyard still looks like. Dear Hubby called and politely asked when they thought they might come finish or at least pick up what they had started and they said no. Gee, thanks. It's starting to remind me of Geo and the plight of the wreaths!
(I can't find a link that will take you directly to the explanation of the whole wreath story, but basically these people had a Christmas wreath up until right before Easter, when the Easter wreath went up.)

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Seek Geo said...


Ha.. that sucks they are sitting on the yard waiting to be picked up!! Any idea when, for sure?

As for wreath, I am anxiously waiting to see what is next wreath will be since wreath holder is still hanging on the door, haha!

That's great about the banner for earth month! :-)