Sunday, April 6, 2008

Saturday Sweep

We decided it was time to clean the yard. Since the Ice Storm back in early winter, there have been sticks everywhere. My boys, as I affectionately call them, decided to re-use the sticks to make borders for a couple of plant beds. Wasn't that clever of them!? We also found the leg of an unfortunate action figure. LOL

We also decided to try our hand at a compost pile, so I used the grass clippings from mowing the front lawn and we used some of the leave remainders to start. Here's my son in front of the finished plant bed, and that's the front porch. We don't usually plant a lot in the ground because we move often, so I like to have lots of pots full of flowers.

This is how we all felt at the end of the day and the second shot is the shrubs we chose for the back under the windows. We also spread grass seed, so hopefully it will take root and cut down on the amount of dirt and mud tracked in by the dogs!

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pinkandgeek said...

now thats the Rick that I remember. Sitting, always sitting. Ok, just kidding, sometimes standing.