Thursday, April 17, 2008

Trees and French Fries

I used to do parent-infant advising and I was at my now friend's home doing a lesson one afternoon. She has two deaf children, and the whole family is learning to sign. Makes my heart sing! Anyway, Little Guy signed WHERE DADDY, though WHERE looked more like twisting MILK and daddy was done with an 'A' handshape (baby sign). It was the cutest thing, and it just brought tears to my eyes that this two-year-old was using 2 word phrases just like hearing two-year-olds! Joy! Happy!
So, the other day mom tells me that Little Guy said and signed "Go McDonald's, French Fries." But signed, MCDONALD'S TREE. So, being the awesome mom she is, she modeled the correct grammar/signing and said/signed "You want to go to McDonald's and get some FRENCH FRIES (correct sign)?" Yeah, says Little Guy "French Fries" Signing TREE.
Too Cute!

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