Friday, April 25, 2008

More Peasants~

My friends and I always go out to lunch on Fridays to a 'real' restaurant. No refilling your own drinks on Fridays, my friends. One of my friends and I had recently celebrated birthdays, but for some reason never exchanged gifts. So we brought our gifts to lunch today. We didn't want our other friend to be left out, so she got something as well. Don'tcha just love the construction wrapping paper!? Only in elementary!

Here it is!!! A model eye!!
It was in a closet at my friend's school so they wrapped it up for her.

Dust and all!


PJ said...

I love silly presents!! Only in a school can one find such precious things as a model eye. I mean, really! (But then teachers are happy with a box of toilet paper tubes--great for constructing all kinds of things!)

Hello Kelli said...

Don't forget the card that was with it...."I'll Be Watching You" lyrics ;)

Michelle said...

Oh yeah!! I completely forgot about the card! LOL