Saturday, April 26, 2008


Oh the joy....I've been to Hancock's and our local quilt shop today.
I woke up feeling kind of down, we did our Saturday routine of cleaning the house, then the other Saturday routine of going to the skate park. My son decided to spend the night with a friend, and I'm behind two baby quilts (where are all these babies coming from!?) so I went to Hancock's first. I love Hancock's because inevitably they have some brand of pattern on sale for 99 cents. Mind you, I have probably ten patterns in the closet that I haven't made yet, and I'm always so eager to make something, but making clothes just isn't my forte. I don't know if I don't know enough or just don't have enough patience. When we were in high school, I would say while out shopping, "Oh! This is so cute!" To which my sister would respond, "You can make that." Yeah! But how long will it take? I wanna wear it now. Maybe I don't buy quality fabric. I'm cheap, I admit it.....ask hubs. I'm pretty sure it's the impatience factor. But I did make my daughter's prom dress last year! That's her, in the orange...slouching.
But I ramble.....I love fabric, all the different colors and textures. I am drawn by the gorgeous quilts on the wall that call out 'make me.....make me.' And the patterns that are so cute and I think, oh, I'll have more patience this time, I'll finish this.
Summer is coming and I'll have more time. I promise I'll be posting stuff I'm going to make!

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