Friday, April 18, 2008


We're getting ready for a cookout tomorrow, and so we decided to do TV dinners for dinner. Hubby likes the Mexican ones, but he doesn't like the rice. So he gave it to the dogs. Frozen...

That's K'Ehleyr. She's named after Worf's first wife on Star Trek. She's also known as Big K, Special K, and Big Dog.

That's Mopsa. Her name is from Shakespeare's "A Winter's Tale." A shepherdess. She's also known as Little Dog, Flopsa, and Pizza Eatin' Dog (because once I called my son in to eat and by the time he got there, the plate was empty). My husband says if she were a person she'd ride the short bus. He means no offense, it's funny.
We have lots of nicknames in our family. My son is "The Magnificent." My daughter: "The Great," (or Grate, LOL, j/k!) or "Greatness." And I'm Momma the Llama. We can't think of anything that rhymes with Dad/Daddy, not that magnificent rhymes with my sons name...but I ramble. He does like to wear a "Grumpy" shirt (one of the seven dwarfs) sometimes, though.....hmmm. He said it, not me! :)


Hello Kelli said...

Frozen Rice? :(

Hatten said...

Cute...Gracie STILL talks about your dogs--and your snake!