Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hilarious Hubby!

This is the tree in our backyard. A few days ago we woke up and it had been tagged. We received a letter stating that beginning the 7th, the tree trimmers would be around. I am worried about my tree. It is huge. I know we don't own this house, but the tree deserves a chance. It did lose some pretty big branches in the ice storm, but there is new growth already. OK, back to the tree in a minute.

First, the other day hubby and I were eating somewhere (the memory's going) and I asked for something. Hubby said, "I thought you liked ----whatever it was----(there it goes again)?" Nope, I said, that must be your other girlfriend (a running joke in our house). To which he usually replies something very sweet like: No other girlfriends, You're my only girlfriend, or something similar. Well, in this particular instance, he looked me straight in the face, and with all seriousness said "No, she doesn't like it either." Bwahhaha....

So, I've been noticing that the trees with the red ribbons are mysteriously disappearing....not being *trimmed*, they're cutting them down! All the way to the ground. We're thinking about taking the ribbon off, what do you think? I am heartbroken for my tree. So, today when I got home hubby says "Well, the tree is still here, but I noticed that the ones that are tagged they are cutting down." I said, "I told you that~" he says "I didn't believe you!" LOL!~How's that for honesty!?

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Rake said...

Nope, I said, that must be your other girlfriend

I hear that more than I care to.

I am going to take his line from now on.