Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Breathing Clearly?

I am an official ADOS administrator!
I have been in training for two days. Very interesting, and I'm ready to try it out. Any volunteers?

I've also have a nice Spring cold or maybe just allergies. My friend says "Oh! You've got to try the Neti Pot!" OK, can I tell you friends, I have heard about this thing before, and I just cannot get past the fact that you pour water in your nose. I mean, I am a special educator, so I can do most bodily functions: throwing up, diapers, poor salivary management, but I don't do what one of my aids called "green snakes~" aka, snot. For my sanity, she always walked around armed with a pocket full of tissues.
My father-in-law uses the neti pot, he even mixes his own solution. People swear by it.
My friend gave me two packets of this stuff, and I finally mustered up the courage to try it. I figured if I threw up, then at least I would know, and the next time someone suggested it I could politely decline. Once I got over the panicked feeling that I was about to drown and willed my body to relax, it was bearable. I'm still congested, but it may take more than one round since I am already sick.
Has any one tried this? What do you think!?


Dallas said...

I tried a neti pot with my cold and I'm not sure it helped a ton, but it was fun to try. My husband took photos and if I get my way, they will never make it to the internet. No one needs to see a stream of water running out my nose. :)

Michelle said...

Oh my!! And when I looked it up, there was a picture of a lady doing it on Oprah (how horrifying, on national tv!! LOL), and there was a stream, but when I did it earlier, it was like little I'm thinking I am still just too congested from my cold, and I may have to do it a few times.
BTW~I like your new comment thing, where did you find that? (Not that I get that many comments, mind you! LOL)